As a certified Raw Food Nutritional specialist, Natasha is an expert on food choices and their consequences, while empowering clients to make sound and satisfying changes in their relationships to food. Natasha dramatically transforms her clients by addressing every aspect of her client’s lifestyle to design the appropriate method to help them achieve their health, fitness, and nutritional goals. She teaches her clients practical and realistic life style changes while encouraging them to continually challenge them selves physically and mentally. Natasha works equally well with individual and groups while providing and inexhaustible source of motivation and inspiration to achieve optimal results.

No time to Cook?

Nor worries … relax and enjoy….
Our delicious meals are custom tailored to your taste buds. After a long day at work, imagine coming home and having a healthy, home-cooked dinner ready for you and your family. No racing to the grocery store. No messy kitchen to clean up. Just a delicious meal, prepared to your liking. Many dual-career couples and new parents are discovering how our personal chef services allow them to spend more time with each other and their children.

Our personal chef services are economical and cost-effective. Choose one to five meals per week for any number of people. You choose the meals in advance from our extensive menu. Low fat Kosher, vegetarian, Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free, …. no problem. We’ll work within your dietary requirements and preferences. All meals are 100% organic and prepared fresh and are never frozen. We Offer in home chef service, weight loss and specialized diet. Sample day Breakfast, Lunch, Dimmer + 2 Snacks.

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